Photo by Ben Rosser.

Photo by Ben Rosser.

Emma Sherr-Ziarko

Creator, Producer, and Host.

Emma is probably most well-known for playing the role of Renée Minkowski on the Audio Drama Series Wolf 359. She studied theater and acting at Wesleyan University, where she was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa. While working as an actor and Stage Manager in New York City, she stumbled onto a different passion: wine and wine education! She has now passed her Level 1 Examination with the Court of Master Sommeliers and is studying to be a Certified Sommelier. She is still pursuing acting, but now mostly in the context of Audio Drama and voiceover. She firmly believes in the importance of "cross-training," which for her means pursuing different fields and different passions.  Check out her website, and follow her on Twitter and Instagram @TheGreatDilemma, and on Tumblr @AmateurZiarko.


Winston Shaw

Music, Audio Recording, and frequent Co-Host.

Winston is a self-proclaimed "song and dance man" who has worked professionally as an actor and sound recordist for film and TV. A classically trained singer and actor, he is now lending his talents towards being a defense attorney for the indigent. He is also a history buff, and helps give Emma historical context to her fanciful musings. Check out his band, Princes of Westland, on Soundcloud. Follow him on Twitter @winston_shaw.


Julia Schifini


Julia Schifini is a historian, voice actor, sound designer, and lover of all fancy foods. She is a co-host and producer of Spirits, a boozy dive into myths and legends, a founding member of Multitude, and community manager for The Whisperforge. She loves world-building, professional wrestling, fancy cheese, and all things creepy and cool. You can hear her sound design on shows like Janus Descending, and voice acting on shows like Tides and What’s the Frequency.


Darcy zimmerman &

Katie Huey

Logo Artwork and Graphic Design