Episode 27: Women's Wrestling: The First Royal Rumble Part Two (with Julia Schifini)

Emma is headed back into the ring accompanied by Julia Schifini (Spirits, Tides), to find out the conclusion of the first-ever Women's Royal Rumble with the WWE! Find out who wins, and who she chooses to face at WrestleMania. Also listen to hear more of Julia's insights into the world of wrestling, and which women wrestlers have their own wine label. Plus: the Stratus-phere, vaguely dominatrix-y, the cats of wrestling, whiskey, hating Ronda Rousey, the Revolution and the Evolution, the anti-diva, genderqueer wrestlers, and 30 women in wine worthy of the WWE.

Julia is a co-host of Spirits, a boozy dive into myths and legends, and star of Tides Podcast, as well as a bunch of other Audio Projects! Follow her on Twitter @JuliaSchifini to see all the amazing things she's working on!

Special thanks to Zach Valenti (@zachvalenti) for lending his studio to our cause. Zach is amazing, check out his Focused AF podcast and his YouTube channel!

Music for this episode:

"Crossing the Chasm", "Killers", "Division", & "Hiding Your Reality" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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