Episode 15: Australian Wine on the Fury Road

At last! An episode focused on a wine region in the Southern Hemisphere! As Australia is one of the great wine regions in the world, we thought we'd talk about one of the greatest films of the 21st Century, George Miller's Mad Max: Fury Road. Winston and Emma talk about how much they love this movie, while they butcher Australian geography and accents (sorry Aussies!). Listen to hear about our favorite action hero, Charlize Theron, the difference between Australian wine regions, some amazing fun facts about Mad Max, and what our top five Action Movies are. Plus: feminism, throwbacks to Lord of the Rings, helicopters, religion & the patriarchy, masterful storytelling, musical interludes, Shiraz v. Riesling, Moby Dick, naughty wine names, and Tom Hardy impressions.

In case our "terrific" explanation of Australian wine regions isn't clear, check out this article on Australian Wine, including a map.

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