Episode 17: Captain America (with Lauren Shippen)

Welcome to the first in a series of Marvel-themed episodes! We're kicking it off with a discussion of none other than the First Avenger, Captain America (aka Steve Rogers) with the amazing podcasting guru Lauren Shippen (The Bright Sessions). Lauren and Emma talk about how Cap is actually a character with a lot of darkness and needs to practice more self-care while he saves the world. Listen to find out how rosé is made, why we love Chris Evans, and who is, objectively, the best Avenger. Plus: the Great Phylloxera, villains, pettiness, ice wine/eiswein, $20,000 wine vs. frosé, Cap's deathwish, maceration & phenols, PSAs, and our new official slogan: Like what you like, and have a good time. Also featuring: Loki the Cat!