Episode 34: Cats and Wine (with John-Paul Cirelli)

Welcome to the most on-brand episode of Pairing yet, Cats and Wine! Emma is joined by film buff John-Paul Cirelli to discuss some of the most prominent and adorable examples of cats in movies, and the surprising prevalence of cats in wine culture. We talk about everything from Looney Tunes to Hocus Pocus to Harry Potter to Alien, and also why German winemakers are obsessed with black cats. Plus: wine puns, our un-ironic love for Keanu Reeves, Antonio Banderas in the role that he was born to play, and the great Marlon Brando Cat Conspiracy. Spoiler warning for Kiki's Delivery Service and the Alien series. 

John-Paul is the creator and writer for Mondo Vulgare, a Horror Page with Brains! Make sure to like his Facebook page and follow him on Twitter @MondoVulgare to learn more about horror, cult, and low-budget films. Check out his article on Batman Returns here!

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