Episode 36: Iron Man (with Mischa Stanton)

Endgame is upon us, and so Emma is joined by Mischa Stanton, Audio Sorcerer, to talk about the heart of the MCU itself thus far, Tony Stark, aka Iron Man. Listen to hear how we think the Iron Man films stack up against the other Marvel films, and where we think Iron Man will go from here. Plus, wealth and its affect on accessibility, wines that overcompensate, and Mischa's Marvel OTP.

Mischa works on so many wonderful podcasts including LeVar Burton Reads, The Bright Sessions, The AM Archives (available now on Luminary), and all their shows from the Whisperforge: Ars Paradoxica, StarTripper!!, The Far Meridian, and Caravan. To see what they're up to, follow them on Twitter @mischaetc. 

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