Episode 9: The Two Towers, Part Two


Welcome back to our discussion of The Two Towers! We're talking about some of our favorite wines in this episode, so check these out and enjoy!

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We were drinking the same wine as last time, aka Lagler's Grüner Veltliner Federspiel! (Remember what Federspiel means?)

  • Isengard- Ribera Del Duero

-Emilio Moro, Vega-Sicilia, Pesquera (Alejandro Fernández is the winemaker whose name Emma forgot)

  • Emyn Muil- Languedoc

-Chateau Maris,  Le Clos from St. Eugénie, Picpoul (one of my favorite, underrated white wines). 

  • The Dead Marshes- Germany

-Von Buhl, Steinmetz (one of my favorite winery websites, with gorgeous maps of vineyard sites), Leitz, Robert Weil, Dr. Loosen

  • Ithilien- Friuli

-Petrussa, Ronco delle Betulle, Miani, Bastianich, Kante, Gravner, Venica, etc.

  • Cirith Ungol- Amarone

-Dried grapes from Valpolicella making a deep, dark, alcoholic, dense wines. Bamboo shelving or are hung drying in the air- like Shelob’s victims. Shelob and her webs. Delicious poison...

-Allegrini, Quintarelli