Episode 12: The Return of the King


The sixth, and last, in a several-part series of episodes in which I discuss my own favorite stories, The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien, by pairing the major wine regions of Europe with different places in the journey through in Middle-earth. 

For these first episodes, and especially the Tolkien-themed ones, I've tried to compile a list of what I recommended (and also get to add some stuff I forgot when recording). So, to start of here's what we were drinking during this episode:

2013 François Carillon Puligny-Montrachet

  • Gondor/Minas Tirith- Burgundy

-Roche de Bellene, Louis Jadot (negociant), Lafon, Dujac, CarillonLeflaive, Colin

  • Paths of the Dead: Santorini (in Greece)


  • Osgiliath/Pelennor Fields- Rioja

-Lopez de Heredia Viña Todonia, Muga, Artadi, Remelluri

  • Mordor- Piedmont.

-Vajra (Albe Barolo), Vietti, Gaja, Domenico Clerico, Renato Ratti

  • Mount Doom- Etna

-[Alta Mora] Cusumano, Benanti, COS, [Arianna Occhipinti]

  • Return to Minas Tirith- Beaujolais

-Domaine Rochette, Marcel Lapierre, Jean Foillard, Dutraive

  • Return to the Shire: Scotch!
  • The Grey Havens- Vouvray

-Domaine Vigneau-Chevreau Vouvray Cuvée Silex Sec, Domaine Huet, Francois Chidaine, Château Moncontour