Episode 44: The Music of John Williams Part Two (with Christopher Dole)

Christopher Dole of Arden returns to finish our discussion of the movie music of John Williams, this time discussing JFK, Catch Me if You Can, and Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Listen to hear more about music theory, "Johnny" Williams, and how music and wine go hand in hand. Plus: Spielberg's daddy issues, the Peter Pan complex, calling J.J. Abrams "baby," our favorite Leonardo DiCaprio performances, and 40 years of Star Wars music and 40-year old wine.

Christopher is a co-creator and co-writer of Arden, a mystery-comedy Audio Drama. Follow him on Twitter @chrisdole86.

All musical excerpts in this episode were composed by John Williams and performed by Christopher Dole.

Special thanks to Mischa Stanton and Wil Williams for their help with this episode.


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