Episode 43: The Music of John Williams (with Christopher Dole)

Emma is joined by Christopher Dole of Arden for a unique Pairing conversation: the music of film composer John Williams! Listen to hear us discuss 4 of Williams' scores: The Reivers, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, 1941, and E.T. We chat about music theory and how Williams invokes the divine, American music and American wine, and Emma makes an accidental perfect pairing. Plus: Fiddler on the Roof, aliens, and Steven Spielberg on the Clarinet.

Christopher is a co-creator and co-writer of Arden, a mystery-comedy Audio Drama. Follow him on Twitter @chrisdole86.

All musical excerpts in this episode were composed by John Williams and performed by Christopher Dole.

Special thanks to Mischa Stanton and Wil Williams for their help with this episode.


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